Sunday, December 8, 2019
The meeting hour was quite early, because it was 3 am. None of us was completely conscious, but we survived the trip to Balice airport by bus without a problem. The flight that lasted almost three hours began around 6 am. Most of us was asleep almost all the time. After landing, we visited the area nearby and ate dinner. Later, we had to appear in front of the hotel, from where we were picked up by host families, with whom we spent the next week.

Monday, December 9, 2019
We arrived at school at eight o’clock. We listened to the welcome speech given by Headmistress Andreani Baytelman. Then we watched presentations about each country and presented ours. We also sang Christmas carols. We ate dinner in a restaurant located quite nearby. We visited the school and saw each of the classrooms. The Cypriot school is different from ours in many aspects – for example, the corridors do not have walls but only roofs. The gym is a separate building and larger than ours.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019
We started the day again at eight. We went by bus to Lefkara, located in the district of Larnaka. We visited the museum and the surroundings, then we took part in embroidery classes. I pricked myself with the needle many times, but I still thought it was a pleasant job. Then we went to Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus. We visited the city and saw the Green Line (it is green only by name), which makes Nicosia the only divided capital in Europe. Cyprus consists of two parts: Greek and Turkish. Later we came back to Limassol and went home.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019
As every day, the classes started at eight. This time our task was to write a song. It was quite difficult, stressful, but we managed. The most difficult was yet to come.
Writing the song was not that difficult, it was nearly a miracle for us to sing. Nobody in our group could sing, nobody wanted to. Finally, me and Martyna were chosen to do this, but neither of us was happy about that.
Later, we learned Cypriot folk dances. They were fairly easy to dance and did not require much input on our part. Then we had dinner, this time with our families.
Later we went to the studio to record the song mentioned earlier. Stress turned out to be unnecessary, because the whole experience turned out to be quite pleasant and nice.

Thursday, December 12, 2019
The last day. We made posters about problems in the countries participating in the project. The group I was in came to the subject of addictive substances. Then each participant got a farewell gift. After that we went to the gym to dance for the last time, all together. It was really nice, but it made me sad that the trip was ending. We ate dinner with our host families.

Friday, December 13, 2019
We came back to Poland. I don’t remember what time we departed, what time we arrived, or what time we were in Katowice. I just remember that our plane flew into the turbulence zone above Ukraine, it was not a pleasant experience.
I was happy about landing. I had a long flight. We were still waiting for a train journey from Warsaw (because our plane landed there), which I was looking forward to. I really like to travel by trains.
The whole trip was very successful, though a bit unorganized and chaotic, but I had a great time.

Marta Pałyska VIII a

Day 1
At 3.00 A.M. we (me and my friend Szymon) set out from our school to Krakow-Balice airport. We passed check-in and security control. At 6 A.M., we flew to Larnaca, Cyprus. When we arrived in Cyprus, we left our luggages at the airport and went to Larnaca downtown. We ate some Souvlaki in restaurant and bought some souvenirs. After that, we went to the airport again, took our luggages and went to Limassol city by coach. We arrived in Evagorese`s house and welcomed his family. Later, we went to restaurant, because we were hungry. Finally, at 2 A.M. we went to sleep.

Day 2
At 7 A.M. we woke up. Then, we ate breakfast and went to school. We met Evagorase`s friends. We liked them. Later, we had some lessons in this school. After that, we went home and had some rest. Then, we went to cafe with Evagoras and his friends. We drunk some coffee. Finally, we arrived home.

Day 3
At 7 A.M. we woke up and ate breakfast. We went to school to write our songs and play games, for example puzzles. After that, we learnt some Cyprus regional dances. Then, we went to a restaurant and ate lunch. We went to school again, to sing our songs. Later, we went to Limassol mall, and it was in the other district (far away). Finally, we went home.

Day 4
In the morning, we went to the regional museum in other city and we sewed some tablecloths. After that, we went to Nicosia to archaeological museum and downtown (restaurant, too.) We were near the green line and we bought some souvenirs. Then, we went to the Kurion`s place with amphitheatre. Later, we went home.

Day 5
In the morning, we were dancing again and had a good time at school. We went home. There we had some rest. After that, we went to the Limassol marine and played games. Then, we went shopping to “Alphamega” shop. Later, we had dinner in the restaurant and said goodbye to our friends from Cyprus and Macedonia. We were sad.

Day 6
At 8 A.M. we set out to Larnaca airport, arrived in Warsaw airport and went by train to our homes.

Borowik Rafał VII c

Dear diary,
I want to share my memories and feelings about my Cyprus trip with you.

Sunday-first day
I woke up at 2 am, it was the worst experience of all the trip. We travelled by bus to Cracow and then we were waiting for our flight. Writing we I mean Marta, Martyna, Kasia, Rafał, Szymon, Mr. Gądzik, Mrs. Pytlik and me. When we finally got to Cyprus we went to Lankara’s city centre and we went sightseeing and got to know the city better. We also wrote a song about Europe and this project. Then we went back to the airport and then travelled by bus to Limassol, where we finally met our host families. Melina was the girl that hosted me. She was an amazing, kind and funny person. Together we tried to battle the language barrier and get to know each other. She showed me her house and tried to teach me some Greek words and tongue twisters. All I can say is that Greek is way more difficult than I’ve expected.

Unfortunately Melina and me were late for school, but nobody even noticed. I was with her in her French lesson. I was acting as if I understood, but actually I didn’t understand a single word. After that we went to a restaurant and ate something, they also prepared a cake for Marta, because it was her birthday. Then we travelled by bus to old ruins of an amphitheatre. After school Andreani, Danea and Melina took Marta, Kasia, Martyna and me to the Marina. We were on a big wheel, it was scary but also fun.

We were at school and then went to Nicosia and visited an archaeological museum and ate dinner. We also had some free time to buy something. When Melina and I got home, we spent some time together and I found out that we have a lot in common.
Wednesday and Thursday
On the 4th and 5th day lots of things happened. We created a new song and Marta and Martyna were supposed to sing it at the studio, but by accident they took me too, so I sang as well. I sing completely out of key. We did more things like going to the mall, ice-skating and just had fun.

Friday was the last day, but it wasn’t boring at all. Melina’s father gave Mrs.Pytlik, Mr. Gądzik and me a lift to the bus station. We travelled by the same bus that took us to Limassol. When we finally got to the airport we had a lot of time while waiting for the plane to Warsaw. In Warsaw we were in a shopping centre called Złote Tarasy to eat something. After our meal we needed to hurry to be at the train station on time. The train got us home safety and really quickly.

Natalia Czakaj VIII a